Our Objectives

Indycult a company dedicated to protecting mother Earth in a unique way by reducing the use of paper from our society, trying to explain the importance of the paper. 

Making all the products from the old newspaper, the same newspaper which we use to through away once we read.

also with this platform, we are supporting and providing a source of income to differently abled people of the society.

Join us and be a voice of our craftsman and idea.

Our Ideas and MissionOur Idea and Mission


Indycult – Reuse+Craft+Present

Indycult is a platform for presenting the creativity of artist on the piece rough newspaper as a base.

The idea came into picture on one day when I saw the uses of newspaper in home, As we know that, for printing a sheets of newspaper, whole lot of process takes place from cutting the trees, sampling, extracting pulp, deinking the raw material to paper printing mill, and what we do at the end of the day throw the paper to dustbin.

Are we treating it in a right way? What you think. Maybe I’m not sure that what thought the process is taking in your brain right now, but I guess now you would be thinking in the same way, what I was the thing that day. So if we both think the same way then we belong to the same bunch of people who think in the same way.


Enabling and giving a platform to artists and craftsman to come and showcase the products by reusing and channelising the old to new and reduce paper use.

About UsFounder and Team

Ashutosh Rukhaiyar (B.E + MBA) founded Indycult in summer 2018 and is responsible for the company’s services, products, programs and also develop strategic initiatives. pursuing the hobby with the goal to reduce the carbon footprint and make our mother earth greener.

Ashutosh Rukhaiyar