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Light up your life with Indycult’s Handmade Lamps

Light up your life with Indycult’s Handmade Lamps

The beauty of the world around us is only beautiful when we see it and for seeing it we need light.

Do you know, in which year Light Bulb got invented and by whom?

In 1835, the first constant electric light was demonstrated by British inventor but after 40 years Mr. Thomas Edison patented in 1879. as early bulbs had extremely short lifespans, also were so expensive to produce or inefficient as per consumption

before electric bulbs, people would be using oil lamps and before that people would be living only on the ultimate source of light which is on  sunlight and moonlights

But today’s scenario got completely changed. today, we have light bulbs which emit powerful light and because of the use of bulbs, human ironed the difference between day and night and made people work in the night too so the light colors and intensity become more valuable.

Our generation has witnessed the shift of light technology from filament bulbs to CFL bulbs and now LED bulbs, as LED bulbs are more power-efficient and emit millions of color combinations by smart bulbs.

There are so many big companies are in marketing making new bulbs which are more efficient and unique from its predecessors but the light industry is dominated bt china.

you know Indycult – The Art Studio, Bangalore come up with a wide of a handmade, beautiful, unique range of lamps which makes not only ambiances happening and romantic but also Recycled and attracted as a showpiece.

Here is the list of Lamps from the house of Indycult, they are as follows:

Hanging Pendant Lamp Shade:

Indycult presents a wide range of shapes, sizes, and shades of the hanging Paper mache pendant lampshade.
You would believe in how a Paper Mache by Recycled waste paper can turn to be so attractive, durable, and tough. thanks to our engineering team.

Each pendant lampshade is handcrafted with our secret recipe which makes the art pieces unique and durable,


The Pendant lamp is painted with glossy enamel color which makes it is water-resistant, whereas the inner side with Golden color and as the light falls on the golden color, the copper filament bulb light get mixed and what comes out is soothing golden relaxing light which is perfect to make your every evening memorable

 In the Box:

The Hanging pendant lamp comes with the complete setup:
Paper Mache Canopy/ round/ half- bubbled shaped Lampshade.
1.5 meter varnished dipped coir wrapped hanging wire.
Long beautiful filament bulb
Packed with a lot of love.

Candle lamp chimney:

Candlelight is known to make the environment romantic,
the uneven floating light is the beauty of the candle with aroma if the candle has then it is complimentary.

I feel that ambiances help you to concentrate on the eye of your other half and you start the conversations and the moment when things start getting in the shape, the candle starts flickering around

and the whole settling scene gets shakeup, the hands which supposed to be around, start saving the candle which you feel will just die the moment you take out the hands, we know that it’s a bit unromantic

to avoid this situation we have made a decorated glass chimney, the chimney is open from both ends that means you will know the fight to put the candle into the jar so just need to light a candle and put the chimney around

Animal shaped Spot lamps:

Presenting to you a new unique range of foldable Lamps shaped in an animal body, where the face is made up with an empty paint bottle check our now on our exclusive website

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