Importance of motivation

Do you find a lack of enthusiasm in your life? Do your most of the time goes in thinking only?

If you are facing the same problems then you are not alone my dear friend. You know the shocking figure 5,66,75,969 people in India is suffering from depression as of 2015 and the figure is growing day by day and on an average of 371 people commit suicide every day.

So the first question which comes to mind is what is the reason that peoples in a number of crores are getting depression. You know depression is a mood disorder. Which affect the person day to day life like feeling, thinking, daily activities such as sleeping, eating, or working and reasons could be many even from social media. So now you can think about the reasons.

If you think only to start something with your own, leave the others even you doubt yourself that can/will I do that with my own and if you are strong enough or have self-confidence that okay I can do that when the second phase comes when your close one’s questions you like Why?
And if you are not confident about yourself then there only all your thinking and energy gets drained off. and you start believing others that might be he/she is telling right to me and the whole through process gets change. But if you are confident on yourself and if others are telling otherwise than to accomplish your dreams, you need some kind of motivation.

If you face this kind of situation in your life where you need some kind of motivation to cross the hurdle, you can find on we would be more than happy to dedicate some lines which can you to portray your life in few words which, love yourself and share the lines which you want to dedicate to yourself or your loved ones.

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