Isha Blokhra – 7year-old’s mission to plant 750 trees a motivational story of small NRI girl

A good teacher is who can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning one day her madam taught her a lesson on global warming and the importance of trees, how trees help the environment to reduce global warming and the small girl took it seriously and started thinking to do something from her side, a few days after was her dad’s birthday and her dad wanted to celebrate his birthday in her little daughter’s way. So this little girl club both and came up with an idea to celebrate her father’s birthday by planting trees.

“On your birthday, you are actually celebrating living one more year on planet Earth. So what can we do to thank the planet? Let’s grow a tree, my teachers told me that one tree gives oxygen to 6 people for life,” Isha told her father. To make up for all the lost years, the family calculated that they owe the planet 750 trees for their each life year.

Isha and her family are traveling to India in June for her grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, and they have decided to start their plantation drive here.
The Blokhra family reached out to their friends and family members for help, and one of them helped the family to connect to singer Daler Mehndi through Facebook. The Daler Mehndi Green Drive has planted over 800,000 trees in the Delhi-NCR region and continuously promotes and advocates taking care of the earth. Daler Mehndi Green Drive got together friends who would be planting 250 trees, mainly Neem, in one day to boost Isha’s morale. This green drive has been named the ‘IDO’ drive – The Isha Daler Oxygenate Drive.

An idea can change the world, if this small girl can do this then why not us, Indycult knows that in practical world it’s hard to take out time to one from his/her busy schedule but can participate in this noble movement by purchasing our handcrafted recycled paper products and on every purchase you make, we will plant a tree on your name.

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