Monuments getting dissolved by Acid

Importance of Monuments

In the 20th century, Every day, New Architectured building are getting stand all around us, shows the new height of modern engineering, Architects across the globe are making milestones by designing high rise unique towers.

According to you, how important is saving old monuments?

Why anyone or any Government should invest in saving old monuments where they can make a new building with the same money?

Indycult likes to answer this question as any monuments of the country shows the history of the country, what so ever their history is, that’s why we read history in order to know what we were and where we are now and what we have to achieve.

Monuments keep so much importance for any state governments in the context of revenue every year tourists all around the world go and comes to see the monuments which show the craftsmanship of that countrymen.

But in recent times, it found that monuments in the world are getting affected, the charm and beauty of the monuments are taken away slowly year after year.

Here, are the list of monuments of the world, which are getting dissolved in Acid Rain, they are:


Buddhism spread in China in third century BC and can be witnessed in Chinese culture in a wide variety of areas including art, politics, literature, philosophy, medicine, and material,

The Leshan Buddha built in Tang Dynasty which is the world’s largest Buddhist statue, with a dimension of 71 Mtr. height and 28 Mtr. width surrounded by spectacularly lush and breathtaking subtropical and subalpine forests and rests atop the confluence of three major rivers, the Minjiang, Dadu, and Qingyi.

The Leshan Buddha has fallen victim to pollution and acid rain especially by coal-fired power plants located near the Giant Buddha, emitting toxic gases that return to the earth as acid rain. Over time,

the Buddha’s nose has turned black and the curls of his hair have begun to fall from his head.


Acropolis is a Greek word that means a structure made on the small hill surrounded by the city chosen for purposes of defense.

In many parts of the world, acropolis became the nuclei of large cities of classical antiquity, such as ancient Rome, Acropolis of Athens that is, without question, the most quintessentially important monument that carries the name, located atop a flat rock rising 150 meters above the city of Athens, its three hectares of standing monuments from the Classic Periclean period (460-430 BCE),

in spite of great history, these monuments are losing their beauty in acid rain the chemical transformation soaks deeper into the marble on these vital monuments, pieces of them have begun to crack and fall off, with structural collapse a possibility in the not-so-distant future.


Quotes by an English poet, Sir Edwin Arnold best describes it as
“Not a piece of architecture, as other buildings are, but the proud passion of an emperor’s love wrought in living stones.”

A classic monument built in 17 years completed in 1648 dedicated by a prince named Shah Jahan for his beloved princess Mumtaz Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World,

attracting more than six million tourists a year Located in Agra, India, with the change in colors of the sky and with the sun rising and sinking and the moon coming, as the colors change along with that changes the color of viewing Taj Mahal.

The construction with white marble and the symmetrical architecture makes it sparkle and shine in all seasons all day and night. The Taj Mahal stands at a height of more than two hundred feet and everything inside the building is decorated with calligraphy, designed flowers, and precious gems.

The passages of the Holy Quran on the walls add more beauty and Islamic decoration is included in the chambers. The mosque is of the most important part of Taj Mahal which is built from red sandstone and has outstanding domes.

Their precious structure is also not left from acid rain, the white marble is losing the shine and color due to acid rain.


The Dampier Archipelago, located in northwestern Australia and stretching into the Indian Ocean from the Burrup Peninsula, is home to a magnificent collection of Aboriginal petroglyphs carved in rock faces and outcroppings.

a million carvings spread across 400 square kilometers, these engravings is the largest corpus of rock art in the world. Some of the most ancient carvings date to tens of thousands of years into the past, when people first settled Australia, and depict sacred spirits, rituals, and animals – including several that are extinct (Tasmanian Tigers) or are no longer found in the region (Emus).

The Burrup Peninsula’s rock art sites have been listed as endangered by the National Trust of Australia, but industrial expansion since 1963 across more than 25% of the rock art area has posed severe threats to the site.

This art pieces are struggling to save from the air which is coming inside the cave full of acid of mining and petrochemical industry is located near to the site,

Acid rain has begun to erase many of the artworks on engraved rock surfaces, and studies by archaeologists and geologists have postulated that most of the rock art will disappear completely by the middle of the 21st century.

After reading the article, it gives a clear picture who pollution and acid rain are washing our history which is given by our ancestors, it shows are lack of ability to preserve our history. But our small try towards nature can cure and delay the process of distortion due to air pollution.

Indycult- The Art Studio is trying to save these monuments from Acid Rain in a unique way because indycult believe that all the factories making new things for our daily use emits lots of harmful gases in the atmosphere, so if we all start recycling, reusing things to some extent then we can collectively support the mother to be less air polluted also, indycult plants a tree for each of their art lover which helps in making Green and Clean environment.

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