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Home is the place which gives a sense of security and protection to our family from the outer world, after returning for all day long work, the home gives a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Do you feel a little uncomfortable when you go to some other place such us in some relative places or hotels while sleeping?

If yes, then it means that you have undergone through First Night Effect, According to the research, in that night our left-hand side of the brain appeared to stay more active than the right-hand side on the first night. And when we return to the same environment we feel mentally relaxed which is our home, sweet home.

that’s why Home becomes an integral part of our life which we want to be the same and where ever we use to go we love to buy something to decorate our home in a better and unique way.
Sometimes we buy an expensive product whereas sometimes we buy unique product dedicated to some memories or meanings.

How Indycult is making a Difference is making such unique and stylish Handmade art pieces for Home Decor by recycling waste newspaper into Paper Mache Art.
You would be wondering how the art pieces will create memories and meaning in your life?

The answer of the question would be like:

  1. All the Art pieces are unique and handmade with love
  2. Each art piece is made of Recycled waste paper Mache
  3. by an underprivileged artist of our society- on your purchase, the share will go to the poor families of artists.
  4. Planting a tree– on your purchase we will plant a tree for free on your behalf- the best sense of feeling which you will get along with our art pieces.

Decorate your Home with our range of unique, stylish and Eco-friendly Art pieces such as:


When a call bell rings in your home, what you do?
You rush to see who came to your door with anxiety and excitements right?
So you see through the Door Eye Hole first in order to confirm and then you open the door.
Don’t you believe that the door eye hole gives a lot of mixed feelings such as Fear to confidence, waiting to assurance, the first view of the person gives a smile on a face.
To beautify these experiences, is presenting Range of Door Eye Hole Art piece like AngryBird, Owl, Kung-Fu Panda, Simpsons, and Minions and more

Door Eye Holes Art Pieces
Door Eye Holes Art Pieces


Indycult is presenting the all-new and unique table clocks which will not only help you to be on time but also make each moment memorable and happy because as the time will pass a tree on your name will grow bigger and bigger.

Handmade Paper Mache Table Clocks
Handmade Paper Mache Table Clocks


We believe, Poster is the framed story which enhances the beauty of the wall and if it from the indycult art studio then makes more uniqueness Indycult is introducing the range of posters which is made up of 100% paper means even the framing bit is also made up of paper.

In the market, there are two types of frames are available which is either Plastic or wood bit but indycult made the All-New Framing Bit which is totally made up of paper and strong enough to be in shape for years to come. ( Patent Applied )

Handmade Poster with Paper Frame Bits
Handmade Poster with Paper Frame Bits


 We love to decorate our fridge door with unique and memorable art pieces, indycult is presenting the range of funny faces fridge magnets handmade with love, each fridge magnets are unique, check out our range of unique fridge magnets today..!

Handmade Paper Mache Fridge Magnets
Handmade Paper Mache Fridge Magnets

and more unique, Eco-Friendly Art pieces are in queue to come

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