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Paper Mache Pendent Lamps
Paper Mache Pendant Lamps

The beauty of the world around us is only beautiful when we see it and for seeing it we need light.

When there were no man-made light sources, the human race was dependable only on the sunlight. that’s why scientists say that the sun is the ultimate source of energy whereas the moon is always treated as smooth light, a light to relax

But today’s scenario is completely got changed today we have light bulbs which emit powerful light and because of the use of bulbs, human ironed the difference between day and night and made people work in the night too so the light colors and intensity becomes more valuable these days

Indycult introduce the range of art pieces dedicated to making the ambiances Happening and romantic, for the list, we would like to introduce the first product which is a pendant lamp, here are the details

Pendant Lamp Shade

We have a range of shape, sizes, and shades of the pendant lampshade
people don’t literally believe that a paper mache can turn to be so strong, thanks to our product engineer,
the outer coat is hand-painted on the glossy base with crafted hand works with the golden color so that the golden which is outside match with the inside wall color, we choose the golden base because we wanted to make a mixture of two nearby lights range colors and when the copper filament bulb light mix with golden, it emits the perfect light to enjoy the evening with your loved ones


Accessories which come with the pendant lampshade are varnished dipped coir wrapped wire, a filament bulb, and fixtures will be packed for you with love.

Candle lamp chimney

Candlelight is known to make the environment romantic, the uneven floating light is the beauty of the candle with aroma if the candle has then it is a complimentary I feel that ambiances help you to concentrate on the eye of your other half and you start the conversations and the moment when things start getting in the shape, the candle starts flickering around

and the whole settling scene gets shakeup, the hands which supposed to be around, start saving the candle which you feel will just die the moment you take out the hands, we know that it’s a bit unromantic

to avoid this situation we have made a decorated glass chimney, the chimney is open from both ends that means you will know the fight to put the candle into the jar so just need to light a candle and put the chimney around

Our candle is made in such a way it emits a smooth light and ray of light will come out from the heart-shaped hole.

Try our range of handle paper Mache unique, stylist light accessories.

For more, just log on to our online store today @ www.indycult.com

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