Qualities to be Ideal

According to Oxford dictionary Leader is a person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country if you see the history almost every country got their leader some set an example in positive and vice versa. E.g Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and many more, whereas some took it to another side like Hitler, Saddam Hussein etc. there work divided them but there were a powerful leader and people followed them word by word.

So you would be thinking what are the qualities one use to have to which make people to follow.

Great leadership involves many factors but one of the most critical discovered is giving followers what they need so that they can feel confident following you.

But the need of followers could be different even on the individual basis, so what do effective leaders give their teams to get them to follow? What do followers actually want from their leaders?

Broadly we can intercept it 4 ways

1) Trust – for any relationship trust is the primary factor for well-functioning, the same applies here, a good leader should be able to make people trust on him, whatever he/she promise if get delivered then people start trusting on him/her. Because it takes time for anyone to trust someone but breaks very easily and if once get break it’s hard to get the trust again especially on the same matter. Second, a leader needs to demonstrate Integrity. They need to behave in a consistent, reliable manner, be open with information and walk the talk when it comes to ethics and values and third, they need to show a concern for others and promote the well-being of their team members and trust is multiplicative. When any one of these factors is missing, the equation goes to zero.

2) Compassion – we are living in the world where people are not having time to know other,  we don’t know our next door neighbor, but its human nature to get care, love and affection, if they find the affection from other then automatically people get connected. So any leader who shows Caring, friendship, happiness and love with everyone then people wanted to connect and share the feeling.

3)  Stability – Everyone needs some type of stability in their life. Food, clothing, reproduction, and shelter are core survival principles that relate to all mammals, out of all the factors people can fix some of the factors in his/her life. And if someone supports in getting the stability, peace, Security not only for today chaotic time but also for future then he/she getting connected, But this desire echoes the consistency theme that people need in order to trust and knowing that a leader has a firm grip on the rudder even in the midst of a storm promotes “followership”. Financial stability is a crucial part of this need for security – something that can be provided if leaders choose to be open with their plans.

4)  Hope – according to Wikipedia hope is defined as an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world.

In the same way, followers also want to know that there are a future and a direction for the company. ones that had faith in their leaders’ visions, generating both optimism as well as higher productivity. Without hope, uncertainty and paralysis can take the upper hand.  


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