Shyam Sundar Jyani with a mission of One Sapling at a Time turning Rajasthan the Desert State Green

The associate professor at Government Dungar College, Bikaner by profession and environmentalist by heart started planting a tree, where people use to struggle to find water for themselves. When you are good and doing good things for society, society also gives it back. Due to lack of water in that region where were not many trees, so he made a plan to give a sampling to villagers and supply water, till the date he uses to give free sampling and water from a tanker on his own expenses.

Convinced villagers about the advantages of having trees, his teaching turned the villagers to actively participate in the plantation drive that has literally created a mass movement in western Rajasthan. Till date, over 6,25,000 saplings have been planted across 15 to 20 Gram Panchayats in over 2,500 villages in the arid, drought-prone regions of the state.

Being very nutritious, the act was revolutionary for the trees hardly required irrigation other than rainwater. Despite being warned repeatedly of failure, Shyam and his students persisted and ended up convincing the officials of ICAR with their idea of budding using different varieties of Ber, and their efforts bore fruit. Owing to his exemplary services towards nature conservation, Shyam was awarded by the President of India Pranab Mukherjee in 2012. Despite the recognition on the national front, Shyam feels that much is left to be done. With hopes of developing familial forestry labs with government support and funding in schools and Panchayats in Bikaner district, he wishes that more villages become aware of the need for nature conservation and its benefits in the longer run.


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