Source of Motivation

Know your limits.

It may sound odd but this is called self-realization or in other words know yourself better than others we are living in a world where we use to be more concern about others, and wants to copy each and everything that others are doing in this lifestyle we use to forget the real quality of oneself and if we would not be able to equivalent its you to haunt always about the failure and result as depression, so its important to be real and self realization.

Get around the right people.

“Your vibes attract your tribes” this lines symbolise that if you are a positive attitude person then most probably that your friend circle who do the same, you would have marked things like some people instead of having a lot of problems don’t cry instead they make plans to come out of the situation whereas on the other hand there are people who use to cry for everything whether they have it or not, so its a basically a attitude towards life, so if you want to learn, learn good thing from the person and improve in your life it’s always recommended to get away from negative attitude people. Get away from toxic people that complain and whine and moan all the time.

Take care of yourself.

From childhood, we use to learn one thing that a healthy body can hold a healthy mind. So it’s important to be fit and fine, that gives a tremendous amount of energy from inside e.g if you take a morning walk, we feel whole day charged and that energy can be transformed for good.

See yourself as the best.

It very important to see yourself capable and rank yourself first in your own list because there are people who continuously will try to put you down and break the moral. If they would be successful to do that who would be the looser the answer is you.

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