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Indycult is a Social Art Studio in Bangalore which Lives, Love, & cares for Mother Earth.

A Unique Art Studio that Handicrafts Modern Art pieces by Recycling & Upcycling waste materials,
Plant Tree on behalf of all our Art Lovers.

We believe, Recycling & Planting Trees can only make a Better Tomorrow. 

Decorate your In and Around with our Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Handmade Art Products. Read More



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It is no news that Indian handicrafts are loved millions of people all across the globe. The creativity and talent of the artists truly depict the culture and tradition of the country. Thanks to diversity, you will find craft items in so many forms. Earlier, you could only find these gorgeous handmade home décor items at ‘melas’ or ‘haats.’ Now, the internet has changed the market massively. You no longer have to visit a physical store to get hands on these beautiful pieces of art forms.

Indycult is one of the well-known online stores that display a wide variety of handmade products online. If you are looking for eco-friendly handicrafts, you couldn’t find a better store than Indycult. All our products are made with love and care without harming Mother Earth. We have two main kinds of products. Get to explore pendant lamps, glass chimneys, table clocks, fridge magnets, door eye holes, and posters in Paper Mache products.

You will also find decorated diyas, spiritual status, flower vases, ashtrays, and so much more in our gallery of Earthen products. If you want to buy handcrafted gifts online, Indycult is just what you need. Please go through our elaborate gallery and choose your favorite art pieces right away.

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