What makes a Good Leader

Can one call himself or herself leader if nobody is following?

The answer of this question is obviously no, a leader should have magnetism element which pulls the followers around by choice because people would also like to accomplish the same goals what leader already accomplished in their course of time.

So how this magnetism comes in oneself which pulls the followers, here are the some points which a good leader possess:

Tell the Truth

Consider the closest relationships you have. I’ll bet you know those people pretty well like his/her likes and dislikes, mentality and attitude towards anything, but still knowing even the bad part you still love the person the reason is the transparency and honesty which opens the doors to engage and rely on their strengths and expertise.the same principle applies to any leader followers expect transparency and truth.

Leaders should know the importance of being open and honest to others about the present state as well as of future. Leaders should be clear and candid in their communication to give everyone an accurate assessment of what’s going on and what’s needed to improve. This openness and authenticity creates understanding and direction, and it minimizes the chaos of uncertainty.

Inspirational and Visionary

It’s not an easy task to be a leader, to lead a mass, even being at the top position people finds difficulties to handle and lead the way with everyone. People want, and often need, someone to give them a brighter picture of their future and it’s a responsibilities of a good leader to show the right path. And it’s true that a leader whos having good management skills and a strong vision always gets appreciated by his team.

Lines from Author Jess Stoner about leadership

leadership is about going somewhere. If you and your people don’t know where you’re going, your leadership doesn’t matter.

Understand People’s Needs

if you ask followers what they need from leaders, the clear answer is trust, compassion, stability and hope.

And it’s a responsibility of a good leader to know the needs of the followers and collect and know want they want and work accordingly and fulfill the demands of the followers and once the demand gets fulfill it motivate people to trust more towards the leader.

Share the Wealth

share the wisdom of that experience with others. Don’t ask people to reinvent the wheel. Share knowledge and allow them to benefit from your lessons learned. Give your time to others and build into them. Your investment in them will have a great payout in the future.
When a milestone is met, a project completed or an important discovery is made, give credit, praise and accolades to the appropriate people. Not only does this reward them properly for a job well done, but it incents them for future performance.

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