Why Air Purifier not plant tree

Anything which comes out of their shell adds value to the world, whether its human or trees. We, humans, are so dependent and close to trees in your life, in all stages of life, you will find trees helping in different ways from day 1 to last day we use trees as per our requirements for kids we make cradle then bat to play as we grow old need home to stay and till the death bed and even after that.

So if trees are so deep-rooted to our life, why don’t every person plant single tree for them self at least?

As human grows, we need space to life, make houses by cutting trees, need highways to travel cut trees, we always need them but we always harm them for only our sake. We never think about the other animals dependent on trees.

Eight of ten species found on land live in forests, if you get chance to go and observe the trees closely you will see a whole lot of insects have there home in and on the trees from animal like tree kangaroo to small ants they made their own colony and lives in a system, but one day some humans comes and cut live trees without even thinking the pro and cons.

We know that humans are growing in a very fast pace and to live we need land so we cut trees but we have not left dense forest also to fulfill the needs we are cutting the forest even by manipulating law as per our need.

And this reducing numbers of trees show the ill effect on the environment, like air pollution, for our daily use we need different products and for each to make in high volume, we make big big factories Industries like energy, shipping, manufacturing, and automobiles discharge air pollutants such as fine particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen and carbon compounds, ground-level ozone etc, The world pumped 39.8 billion tons (36.1 billion metric tons) of carbon dioxide last year. This big numbers are really matter of concerns, time to intersect each one activities because wantedly or unwantedly we are contributing and getting the consequences, resulting in asthma and other airborne diseases

companies are started selling air purifier but with the machine, we can cleans our closed home air but what about the air outside, for cleaning outside air when only need plant as much as trees not necessary to plant close to home but to anywhere so that we can walk and live in a healthy environment.

Request you to kindly join the indycult movement of planting a tree. On every purchase of our range of recycled paper mache art pieces, we will plant a tree on your behalf, and if you want we can also plant on your birthday eve and make celebrate your birthday in a green and eco friendly way. for more please visit our website www.indycult.com

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