Dual toned Pendant Lamp


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  1. Get a Sapling planted on your name for Free with Certificate,
  2. Chance to Decorate your Home, Eco-Friendly.
  3. Join and Support our initiative of Recycling and Upcycling waste materials.
  4. Encourage Vocal for Local Initiative
  5. Made in India, Made with Love
  6. A direct benefit to Poor Downtrodden Artists
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Paper Mache Pendant Lamp supplied along with complete bulb fittings.
Order now and get a Sapling planted on your Name for Absolutely Free*


Made:  Solid Handmade Paper Mache pendant lamp of a bottom diameter of 21 Cm and Height of 15 cm.

Paint: Hand-painted with Enamel paint in order to make water-resistant.

Pattern: Golden leaf design on the outer size and golden color from the inside.

Fittings: Coconut coir wrapped on 85 cm long hanging wire fitted with an 8W, 220-watt filament bulb.

The golden color which is painted on the inner side blends with a yellowish light which gonna come out from the filament bulb makes the environment,
Calm & Relaxing.
A perfect way to decorate your home Eco-Friendly with our Stylish, handmade paper mache pendant lamp.
We make each product different and unique of its kind as you are.

Additional information

Weight100 g
Dimensions21 × 15 cm


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