About Us

Indycult is a Unique Art Studio in Bangalore.

Handicrafts Eco-Friendly Art Products by Recycling & Upcycling Waste materials  

An Innovative Social Startup in India which is working towards making Mother Earth Clean & Green.

Unique & Modern Home Decor decorative items by using Recycled & Upcycled Art Materials
which gets Handcrafted by Creative and Downtrodden Artists.

Also, Plant Tree in the name of our Art Lovers

Join & Support Indycult | Be the Vocal of our Go-Green Initiative | Made in India | Made with Love

The idea behind Indycult

Indycult = (Indian +Culture)

Indycult is a Portmanteau word of Indian Culture

Some Disturbing Environmental News 

  • Every year, more than 7 billion trees* getting cut for Paper Manufactuing.
  • India ranked 168th out of 180 countries in the 2020 Environmental Performance Index (EPI).
  • Producing almost 300 Million tonnes of solid waste every year.
  • out of which 75% is going to our Environment openly and only 5% we Recycles
  • These Waste disposal causing 1.6 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions 
    Are we doing enough to change the current scenario for our future Generation?

    Things will not get changed until do something concrete on Individual Levels.
    Indycult is a platform where you can contribute directly towards making
    Mother Earth Green & Clean.

We @Indycult, RECYCLE Waste Materials | Handcrafts into Beautiful Home Decor Art Pieces | Plant Tree for Free for our Art Lovers.

Join us and Let’s Make it possible

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Save tree. Save the Planet.

Our Mission

Indycult’s missions are:
1. Make unique, stylish and Eco-Friendly Handmade Products.
2. Recycling waste paper from our society.
3. Planting trees on every purchase under “GoGreen Initiative.

Our Vision

A familiar name for Recycling waste to unique art piec

Man Behind the Idea

My name is Ashutosh Rukhaiyar, I am a graduate in Bachelor of Engineering and Master in Business Administration with more than four years of corporate experience.

Always wanted to do something for the society, for mother earth so started Indycult in the summer of  2018 where I started making unique art pieces by using waste newspaper and start making Home Decor Art Pieces by recycling waste paper as a paper Mache art pieces.

Apart from recycling paper, I use to plant a tree for everyone who use to buy our art pieces by doing this I am trying to give a solution towards saving the mother earth from deforestation.

I am responsible for the company’s services, products, programs and develop strategic initiatives. pursuing the hobby with the goal to reduce the carbon footprint and make our mother earth greener.