Flock of Birds (a set of 4 Birds stickable ) Wall Decor Art Pieces.


Why Buy:

  1. Get a Tree planted on your name for Free with Certificate with purchase of worth 1000 Rs.
  2. Join the Revolution of Recycling and make tomorrow Clean and Green.
  3. Decorate your Home, Meaningfully Eco-Friendly.
  4. Join and Support our initiative of Recycling and Upcycling waste materials.
  5. Encourage Vocal for Local Initiative
  6. Made in India, Made with Love

A direct benefit to Poor Downtrodden Artists

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Indycult presents the handmade, upcycled black-colored hard cardboard flock of birds Set of four different postured Art pieces

Each art piece is provided by a sticker on the backside so just take out the sticker and stick it on your favorite wall today.


Length of the Art piece: 15-20Cm Range

Color used: Acrylic and Enamel (to avoid deformation)

How to Fix: Provided with double-sided tape so just remove the sticker and place it on the wall.

Ideology: Indycult is an Art Studio which makes a range of Home Decor Art Pieces by implementing the 3R principle in each of there art pieces and plants a Tree for each of there art lovers for Free in order to make a Clean and Green tomorrow if you liked our idea then show your love towards us.

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Order now from our Online Art Studio website (www.indycult.com) and Decorate your Home in an Eco-friendly way.

Feel free to ask any of your queries regarding product or product purchase on our official Whatsapp No: @ 7019023231

Also Available on our e-commerce partners such as Flipkart and Amazon

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 15 × 14 × 01 cm


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