Where we are Heading?

Who is going to compensate?

Do you ever think or mind why nowadays you more often hear natural Disasters?
You might say, Yes but so what
There is nothing in our hands, In this, nobody has control over these

Are you sure? Because Indycult believes that all these are happening because of us only, we human foolishly started saying that this is our world, we only and only think about our self and those who don’t share the same ideology, society start thinking about him/her as a mindless fellow, so do you also think the mindful or mindless person?

More than our demand, our greed exploits our mother earth more.

Everyone wants more and more which is beyond their consumption but they want because they have one thing which is money the same principle applies to even Countries that are rigorously exploiting mother earth in the name of Development and we all believe that the country which is having massive concrete jungles are more well-off.

2020 saw many massive wildfires around the globe, which includes Australian bushfires, California Forest fires which left many dead, you know 90% of forest fires happen because of humans.

Today, Indycult will take to take you to a series of events that are happening around us and leading us to a big catastrophic:

Top 5 Forest Fires in 2020:

  1. Australian Bushfires:
    Starting in 2019 and continuing till March 2020 and toll death of more than 478 humans and thousands of animals, the fire had spread to 4 million hectares.
  2. Forest Fire in India: Three forest fire fighter got burnt and killed while trying to prevent fire in the Thrissur district of Kerala, India.
  3. Forest fire rages on in South Jersey, US, where over 1,000 acres of land and animals were burned.
  4. Fire in forest of Poland: Last year, thousand of hectares of Biebrza National Park, Poland’s biggest national park, burned from wildfire.
  5. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) coastal city of Girne and Spil Mountain in Turkey’s Aegean province of Manisa faced a forest fire breaks out as heat waves in may 2020.

Can you imagine how many Trees would have burnt in these massive Forest Fires, This loss is nowhere counted and mentioned, all the smoke which came out from the burning of these trees by burning affected on a temporary basis but the burnt Trees which stopped giving oxygen and temperature control started impacting and will continue for long time to come.

That is why Indycult is giving you an opportunity to come forwards and support indycult because indycult will plant a Tree on behalf of you for free.

What we can do collectively to control something:
1. Plant more Trees:

Why Indycult always advocates for planting trees? Because Trees are the primary source of oxygen not only for humans but also for all the living organisms, also responsible for climate changes, instead of knowing the importance we humans keep on cutting trees around us.

If you feel pain by seeing how men cut trees ruthlessly then join and support Indycult because at indycult we believe that we can’t stop them from doing so, but we can plant Trees in and Around us for the future.

2. Emphasis on 3R’s

3 R means – Recycle | Reuse | Renew

Two things  – Disposable income + Time issues making the whole eco-system to take -out the concept of 3R, the Practice of 3R neither customers wants nor the companies.

Just an example: In the 80’s or 90’s people, preferred to fix the issues first and then Replace but now things are getting changed, people want to just replace them.

And this practice gives extra burden to the environment, by Producing more | Dumping More. Don’t worry this issue is being well tackled by Indycult because Indycult makes all its art pieces by recycling things. 

3. Less Machine and more human Driven

We willingly or unwillingly pushed towards a more and more machine-oriented society and there are factors that made it more in demand. But if you see India as a country of 1.6Billion population country where major of the populations are still unemployed is mostly because more than half of our works are now done by machines, which is significantly contributing towards making people poor.

Indycult, the art studio, makes all its art pieces handmade only, which means we don’t much rely on machines and give employment to all the artists of our downtrodden society.

4. Natural Path

Indycult not only makes recycled handmade home decor art pieces by also plants trees for FREE for all our art lovers 

5. Support Indycult

Indycult is not just an Art Studio making home decor art pieces by recycling waste materials but it’s an ideology of making our mother earth Clean and Green.

So if you also want to do some good work in making our planet Green and Clean tomorrow, then support and encourage Indycult

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