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Paper Mache: Mache is a French word that means chewed or mashed paper.

In this process paper pulp obtained by soaking or boiling paper to which glue is then added

Indycult makes a wide range of art Pieces by Recycling waste paper.

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Did you know?

Four Billion trees are getting chopped off every year across the Globe to process papers for our everyday paper consumption.

Bad News: This catastrophic trend is going upwards every single day.

What you think, What could be the Solution?

At Indycult, We think Recycling more and more waste paper and planting more and more trees can only reverse this condition.

Good News: Indycult- The Art Studio is working in this direction where we make all our Art pieces by Recycling things and Plants Trees in the name of our art lovers.

The story behind our Paper mache Art Pieces

Our Paper Mache Art Pieces:

You would be wondering How Indycult-The Art Studio can make unique Paper Mache.

Keeping things short, As you know Indycult is a unique, Eco-Friendly, Go-Green Initiated Start-up that is working towards making Mother Earth Clean & Green.

Indycult makes all its Paper Mache Art Pieces ONLY with Recycled Waste Paper.

Buy any of our Paper Mache Articles which are displayed in the Gallery &

Get a Chance to Contribute towards Mother Earth’s Betterment.