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Making Art Meaningful

Making Art Meaningful -Indycult

What is the purpose of an Art in your life apart from being used for decoration?
or as per Marketing terms, what is the value you get by purchasing art pieces? Let us know in the comment section.

But if you think that art pieces such as Painting, Posters, Sculptures use only for decorating purpose and nothing else.

Then I am sure you don’t know about Indycult.
Indycult have the answer to your question that you think that art is just for decorating.

Here is the Story of a brand that is trying to give meaning to its Art Pieces. want to know how?

Well, you know that Art is a pure creation of an artist who tried to paint in his or her style and imagination.

Every renowned Artist where ever they are trying to make their style, unique and symbolic, which they express in different forms, sizes, mediums, textures, tones in their Artworks.

Forms of Art:

Visual Art
Literature Art
Performing Art

All 3 forms of Art reflects the culture and tradition of a society.

Every society has its unique art style which is called Folk Art.

Here are the top Folk Arts of India:

Tanjore Art originated in Thanjavur, tamilnadu.
Madhubani painting originated in Bihar
Worli Folk Painting originated in Maharastra
Pattachitra Painting originated in Odissa
Rajasthani Miniature Painting originated in Rajasthan
Kalamezhuthu originated in Kerala

A New Form of Art by Indycult:

Indycult is making New Art by using the old materials, A new trend of decorating Home with upcycled materials mostly with waste paper.

Take an example of paper, we take a Newspaper or any paper as “use and throw” material.
Just because, it is not rewritable after we make a mistake, we just tore the sheet and throw in a dustbin and start from the new page.

we ignore that paper’s basic raw material is wood pulp and due to the everyday increase of paper demands, the paper industry consuming 4 billion trees every single year and the demand is increasing day by day.

You can put deforestation in the name of development, expansion of cities, and many more. But think twice, cutting in the name of development and cutting what?

Plants and trees, Even a kid also knows that this is the source of oxygen which we need every single second of our life.

So Indycult is trying to go in a reverse way

The way against society
The way against the process

How: is recycling waste paper and reusing it to make different handmade home decor art pieces. The way which goes through the recycling of waste paper making paper mache clay and frame it carefully and after getting dried rub to make the surface smooth and hand-painted.

the process doesn’t end here if you purchase any of our Exclusive handmade art pieces for your home decor we will plant a tree on your behalf too.

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