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Pollution V/s Country Growth.

Why pollution is synonymous with the growth of countries like China and India?

Why developing countries are bound to make more pollution than developed countries?

Is it because of the desire of growing fast, having more production more export more currency inflow, lack to advance technologies or just flexible environmental laws?

Data shows that the world is emitting 39.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide last year that is 778 million tons or 2.3 percent more than the previous year count.
China which is the world’s most populated country have per capita emissions had surpassed those of Europe for the first time.

The quota for the total amount of CO2 released without pushing the world beyond 2°C of warming could be used up within 30 years.

To prevent this, more than half the world’s fossil fuel reserves may need to be left in the ground, Emissions will have to decline by more than five percent a year to give the world a fair chance of keeping temperature rises below the 2°C threshold.

China, the US, European Union, and India are the world’s largest pollution emitters.
which altogether account for 58 percent of global carbon emissions and four-fifths of the growth in carbon output in 2013.

There are ways to reduce the pollution is to control the direct emission of harmful gases in the air and we know that each country is following the way to make the environment a better place, each country are doing what they can do to control it, but I believe that if each individual will think towards to environment, work towards the positive side.

Try to reduce the consumption of nonrenewable resources and use more and more renewable resources, plant one tree at least a year will lead every country towards a greener and all together, we can control the pollution and save the environment.

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