Indycult- The Unique Art Gallery in India.

Indycult – The Unique, Eco-Friendly Art Studio in India.

Before starting to tell you what is Indycult, we should first know what is the difference between an Art Gallery and an Art Studio?

Also, what are the types of Art Gallery present in your city?

When we hear the word Art Gallery, the first image that comes in front of us is 
A dark loft or attic room where some famous artist would be making their art pieces with knives, brushes, palette, and easel. corners full of an unfinished sculpture.

whereas Art studio used to be a place or a room that does not need to be hidden in the attic or loft an Air-conditioned room with neutral walls that reflects the trends in modern interior design rather than destitution. Computers are another modern improvement in art studios.

And Part B, types of Art Gallery, so basically there are almost 7-8 types of Art gallery present in a country.

Types of Art Gallery:

Institutions: Art galleries funded by the state government, university, local councils, or even privately.
Art Dealers: These galleries are selling art purchased for on selling.
Commercial Galleries: Feature a temporary program of exhibitions from artists represented by the gallery.
Rental Spaces: The art gallery does not represent artists.
Artist Run Initiatives: Galleries run by Artists.
Studio Gallery: galleries continually exhibiting the work of an artist with exhibition space attached to the artist’s studio.
Online Galleries: webpage with art for sale, these are virtual galleries because there is no interaction, aside from sales.
Art Boutiques & Craft/Gift Shops: selling magazines and collectibles along with prints and original art.
Non-Gallery Exhibition Spaces: Some cafes, shops, private houses, libraries, temporary exhibition spaces, have all been used for art exhibitions.

In India, Institutional Art Galleries are more prominent, here is the list of some renowned art galleries in India, which you should visit.

List of Art Galleries in India:

Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata: Established in 1933, Various famous, renowned paintings by Indian and foreign artists are displayed here such as Rabindra Nath Tagore, Jamini Roy, Nandalal Bose, M.F.Hussain, etc.

The Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh: Started in 1968 which features different sections for sculpture, architecture, and art paintings.

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai: Established in 1952 in Mumbai, the finest art creations of the world are displayed in this gallery.

National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore: Established in 2009 which means its the youngest one in India.

National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi: Established in 1954, with a huge collection of over 14,000 paintings by artists from India and abroad.

What is Indycult and How it is different Art Studio?  is a Social Art Studio with an initiative working towards recycling of waste art materials.

Makes unique, upcycled Home Decor Art Pieces by recycling Newspaper to Sustainable, Durable, Eco-friendly wide range of Handicrafts.

Everything comes with a price as we all are leading towards making a  responsible society, to some extent we started replacing plastic with a paper such as from plastic bags to paper shopping bags

hence resulting in an increase in demands of paper day by day but not recycling enough results in cutting more and more trees every day to meet our consumption.

You know, Every single year, more than 7 billion trees are getting cut in order to meet the paper demands which in increasing every single day.

Indycult is trying to make a change by recycling waste papers and making art pieces for home decor by a bunch of unprivileged, differently-abled artists.

We are not only in making Eco-Friendly, meaningful, stylish, unique handmade art pieces which is suitable to decor your home uniquely but also planting a tree on every purchase, which means your purchase comes with a complimentary gift i.e a Tree which we will plant on your behalf for free.

Check out our range of handmade paper mache art pieces, buy any of the art pieces, and get a chance to get a sapling planted on your name.

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